Beef Steak Roll Ups

beef rolls with melted cheese

This is a recipe that I made after I had family over for dinner. The sister in law bought some big beef rolls and we added that to everything else we were having. I tried one and couldn’t believe how good it tasted.

On my next shopping trip I checked out the grocery stores and was surprised at how expensive those were. So I decided to make my own version. My family loves it. the rolls are small but eating three with a salad and some rice will fill you up very well. Leftovers for school and lunches are another plus with this dish

1 package sirloin beef stripes or other meat you prefer
add any other vegetables you desire (green pepper, beans etc)
cheese (any kind you love)
steak spice or other spices you prefer

Stir fry all your veggies until desired doneness. Set aside to cool. On a plate lay out a few pieces of your meat. Add a few pieces of each vegetable you are using onto the meat strip and then rollup. Sprinkle the rolls with spices and then fry the rolls a few at a time and set aside on a warming tray or inside a warm convection oven.

Depending on the amount of rolls you are making, add the cheese at the end. When I started making the rolls, i used to put some grated cheese on top of the veggies before rolling and when it was cooking in the frying pan, the cheese would leak out and burn the pan, so then I decided to layer the cheese on top. This gave me two advantages…, it looks nice and two, the frying pan doesn’t get burned with cheese.

it might look like finger food, that’s what I thought the first time. Don’t let small beef rolls fool you…..eating only 3 with some rice or potatoes and a salad on the side, will fill you up nicely.

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