Homemade Pan Fried Chicken Supper

pan fried chicken

This is one of our favorite one pan suppers. Chicken is so versatile, there are hundreds of recipes using it as a main ingredient. I was reading up on fowls and I came across some really interesting facts.
Did you know that chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs and chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs? Did you know that chickens have earlobes? Have you ever seen a chickens earlobes? Well my answer to both of those questions is no. I never stopped to think if chickens have earlobes. I love reading strange facts and this one is pretty good.

Here’s the recipe to start you off and keep on reading to find other fun chicken facts.

chicken legs
pan fried chicken spices
chicken with spices
frying chicken

chicken pieces as much as you need
season salt (sprinkle on both sides of chicken)
pepper (sprinkle on both sides of chicken)
onion salt power (sprinkle on both sides of chicken)
garlic salt powder (sprinkle on both sides of chicken)
parsley (sprinkle on both sides of chicken)

This is a delicious recipe. You may need two frying pans to be able to cook up all the chicken pieces or you can use a large cast iron dutch oven on the stove top. Start with seasoning the chicken pieces on one side with the spices. Melt butter in the frying pans or dutch oven and put the chicken pieces with the spice side down. Then add the spice mix to the sides of the chicken pieces that have no spices. On medium heat so as not to burn, brown on one side and turn to brown on the other side. If the pieces are big, then keep your heat a little lower and turn more often. When both sides are nicely golden or a little more darker, turn the heat to low and pour in water to cover the bottom of the frying pan so the chicken does not stick and burn. Put on a lid and just let simmer making sure to turn the chicken occassionally so they all cook evenly. Add just a little bit of water if you see that the chicken is starting to stick. When the meat starts to come off the bone, it is almost ready. Serve with mashed potaotes, gravy, a salad and veggies on the side.

Pan Fried Chicken Supper

Here are a few chicken facts

If the white of an egg is cloudy, it means the egg is fresh

If chickens listen to classical music, they can lay bigger and heavier eggs.

In 2004 the chicken was the first bird to have its genome sequenced which is finding out the order of their DNA. Doing this helped determine that the chicken is the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex

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