Meat Patties With Carmalized Onions And Brown Gravy


When life gets hectic and making a big meal from scratch is not in the cards, whip this up in a jiffy and enjoy a quick home cooked meal.


1 package hamburger meat any size your choice
Onions as much or as little as you want
Montreal steak spice or your favorite steak spice
Brown gravy or your favorite kind will do
Fresh veggies or canned on the side that you want (carrots, mushrooms, green beans, peas corn etc)
Salad any kind you wish to make, or store bought ready made.

Peel and cut potatoes and put them on to boil to make mashed potatoes or poke your potatoes, wrap in foil and bake them. Either way, this meal will taste great.

Sprinkle spices onto your hamburger meat and mix well. Shape into patties and fry up. Slice up onions and soften them up either in the frying pan after you finish cooking the patties, or in another frying pan with butter or oil. Prepare any veggies that you prefer with steaming or stirfrying, (carrots, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, peas, corn, green beans etc)

Once the meat is cooked, put patties on plate, top with onions, drizzle gravy all over and serve with your mashed potatoes or baked potatoes along with the veggies and/or salad on the side.

Lately I have been making this with lots of veggies and a salad along side because this way we eat more vegetables and cut down on our intake of meat.


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