Red, yellow, Orange and Green Pepper Steak

Green Pepper Steak

I make this recipe ever week. It is quick and easy, makes a good sized batch for supper and then leftovers for school dinners.


1 package fondue steak or any flank steak
green peppers as much as you want
onions as much as you want
Optional: add other veggies you like (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, etc)
Gravy packet, canned gravy sauce or powdered gravy mix as much as you want
1-1/2 C rice or which ever rice recipe you use.
3 cups water needed to make the rice or however yo make your rice
Optional: 1 tbsp powdered beef stock or chicken stock

Make rice the way you know how to make your rice. Rice on the stovetop never works for me, when I make rice, I put 3 cups of water in a microwave bowl. I add 1 tbs powdered chicken or beef stock to the water and then add 1-1/2 cups rice. I microwave on high for 25 minutes stirring occassionally.

Since the steak pieces are thin, I usually fry them up first before chopping up into pieces. For myself I find that when the steak is chopped in pieces before cooking, many pieces tend to stick together and you have to pry them apart to make sure all gets cooked. So for me it is easier to cook the pieces whole, and chop up when they cool down, doesn’t take much time to cool down.

While the steak is cooling, I chop up my green peppers and onions in bit size pieces and add them to the pan that I used to cook the steak. The seasoning in the pan adds a bit of flavor to the veggies.

When the veggies are done the way you like, add the chopped steak to the pan. Add the rice to the pan and mix it all up together. Add as much gravy to the rice mix as you like and then serve it up on a plate or bowl. Some people like to have the steak mix and rice separated on a plate. Serve it up anyway that you want to enjoy it.


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